Frequent Ask Questions

1) The friction brake on my Nilus is slipping.  (Woe is me!!)  Has anyone here had that difficulty?  Does this mean that a new brake cable is in order?  Is there a retail outlet in the states that I can mail order that from? 

2) Did any of you se the Leclerc Voyager? How did it go over? tom? Pamela

3) My name is Jeffrey E. and I live in Virginia. I'm a weaver and I have Just purchased a used 60" Colonial loom. It has been disassembled for 14 years, but it is in very good condition. What I need is a set of instructions for assembly or an exploded view of the loom. My other looms were all kits and I had no trouble, but this is very different. Also I would like a Leclerc catalog of parts: heddles, reeds etc.

4) Hi! I understand that you are the USA Leclerc advice person (you might suggest to the Leclerc web person to change advise to advice....:)  )  and I have a 36-inch Artisat jack loom that is a lot rickety, but I manage. Sometimes the bands of color that I weave lose their parallelism and I'm not sure whether it's the way I'm warping or something slipping in the
tension band.
Also, those brown plastic separators attached to the loom that separate the harnesses have mostly broken off. Do you have replacements? How can I get them out and replace them with new, maybe stronger, separators?
All best --

5) I recently obtained a used Leclerc Loom.  The loom apears to be in very good condition.  I have no manuals or parts catalog for the loom and waswondering if you can give me some information on the loom such as the date
if manufacture.  Also are replacement parts still made and would ordering any of the manuals/catalog be of use.  A logo on the side of the castle says Leclerc Nilus, a metal plate on the back of the loom says Artisat and the number A367302.  Thanks so much for all your help. 

6)  Can you tell me why on the Nilus that there are several (5 I think) positions for the back beam to fold up to?

7) I am interested in the back hinge treadle kit for my loom but am not sure whether I have a nilus or nilus II
(serial#: NU-115cm-4L-83-09).  ANSWER

8) Dear Sir: I have a Leclerc Bobbin winder that no longer works. It is bound up so it will not turn. It's number is D-310. Can it be fixed? What would be involved i.e. time, cost, shipping back to factory.  ANSWER

9) Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 20:14:38 -0500
Subject: Has anyone used the computer dobby with the LeClerc Nilus?
I'm thinking about upgrading my LeClerc with the computer dobby attachment.
Has anyone had experience with it?  Thanks,Susan  ANSWER

10) January 16 2001:
 I have a Nilus 12 shaft loom which has developed bad squeaks every time I change sheds. I have sprayed with WD40 everywhere that there is something moving, but it doesn't help. 
Could you please suggest what else I could do to stop these squeaks. I will be home if you could phone me or e-mail me today. I am in the middle of a big project and these squeaks are very annoying. 
Thank you, Judy

Francois Brassard
Tom Beaudet


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