This was an answer from Anne W. (She later bought a V from me)

Seeing and playing with the Voyageur was tops on my long list of things to do/buy at Convergence. They are very well constructed and very portable. I thought the smaller one would be most useful for someone who samples a lot, or takes airplanes to workshops ... The larger one is still small, only 20 or so pounds. At 15 and 1/2 inch weaving width,
one could weave items, in addition to samples and workshops, making it more useful.

The only problem I saw was the difficulty in moving heddles around. I seem to weave unbalanced things, and with a narrow weaving width, I don't want unused heddles taking up space on the shafts. Thanks to Tom, Francois and Eric for patiently answering my questions.

Here is Tom Beaudet answer.

During the mid day break on Friday a number of weavers came by the Leclerc Booth to try the Loom they had seen in the workshops. Based on their sightings and my best guesse there were six or seven Voyageurs taken to the preConference and Conference workshops. We are also awaiting performance feedback to determine where, if any, design changes are needed for improvment.



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