Hi Jeffrey:

I have Just purchased a used 60" Colonial loom. It has been disassembled for 14 years, but it is in very good condition. What I need is a set of instructions for assembly.
I will send you the assembly instructions for the Colonial. That should get your Loom up and running.
The original Colonial was designed with the Jack/Counterbalance conversion,convertible Beater(overhead or floor mounted) and adjustable Reed height etc.
The Colonial I was not. If the Loom was in a Basket for 14 years I would expect you have the original Colonial design.  The parts and assembly instructions for the original Colonial are much
more detailed than for the Colonial I. I would assume that is what you need. In either case the copy cost are the same.
With that and the latest Leclerc Loom and Accessories booklet you should be able to return your Loom to it's original operating condition.
Look thru the parts and try to find the serial #. Although not necessary, that will tell us when the Loom was made and confirm the model.
  A few things you will probably find. Being disassembled that long you probably have some parts missing or parts substituted for. Thats o.k. We have all of the original parts in stock.
Send me $3 for copying and $2 postage and handling and I will send you the parts and assembly booklet and the Leclerc Loom and Accessories booklet.

Once you start reassembing your Loom I will be available to help walk you thru the procedure if needed. One of my first personal Looms was a 45"
Colonial I bought in a Basket and had to reassemble. I still have it and it is one of my favorites.
My address is:
Tom Beaudet
49 Western Ave.
Westfield , MA 01085

I can be reached at 413-564-0204 if you prefer. I am here most of the time.
If not, leave a message. I return all calls within a day.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day.

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