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This 4 shaft jack-type floor loom is designed for the weaver with limited space who wants a fairly wide, solid loom.The Artisat is a quiet floor model loom equipped with an easy tie-up system.Loom weight has been reduced to a minimum, but it is sufficiently sturdy to do heavy work. It can be folded front and back to a depth of 14" (4 shaft loom) even if weaving is on the loom.The shed will always be good regardless of the kind of cloth you are making (Double Weave, Bronson, Leno, etc.).It is built with 6 treadles (4 shaft loom) and permits any combination of tie-ups.Equipped with a regular plain beam, a set of rake-like pieces may be added to convert it into a sectional warp beam. The rake-like pieces must be screwed directly onto the beam.
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As with all Loom designs there are some tradeoffs. With the Jack Loom the problem most often cited was the difficulty in getting a good shed with 6+ Shaft weave construction. Our new design has overcome this problem .

The new design features the Treadles anchored at the rear of the Loom, with a new, unique, Rocker mechanism that insures even tension on all Treadle Cords with the Treadles in both the rest or depressed position.

This new design provides the weaver with the ease of Leg Treadling multi Shaft designs, comparable to that of a 4 shaft. In addition, a wide , clean shed is obtained on all Shafts.

By following a new procedure, the new Treadle design retains the folding feature designed into the original Artisat.

Steel reed, 12 dents/inch (5dents/cm) 2 lease sticks
6 treadles 2 warp rods
Wire heddles, 10" 2 beam stick
1 boat shuttle 11" (6122-3000) 2 cords
1 doz. plastic bobbins 6133-6000 Book: "Warp and Weave"
1 reed & heddle hook 6141-7000 Assembly instructions

Weaving Width 36" (90 cm)
Quantity of heddles 1000
Loom width (outside) 46" (117 cm)
Depth when open 32" (80 cm)
Depth when foldes 14" (36 cm)
Height when open 36" (93 cm)
Height 44" (112 cm)
Net Weight 95 lbs (43 kg)