Revolutionary Loom.

16, 24 or 32s

27", 36", 45" or 60" (Weaving Width)


Weavebird is a centre closed dobby shedding mechanism. There are no jacks, no lams, no tie ups, no limitations on shaft combinations and no limitations of pattern repeats.

Two treadles, hinged from the back of the loom,
operate the shedding mechanism. Weavebird controls both the rising and sinking shed so the tension on the warp threads is always uniformly even. Because part of the warp threads rise while the balance sink, the yarn stretch is minimized.The loom has 2 treadles.
The right treadle opens the shed and the left treadle closes it. Due to Leclerc's unique Shaft counter-weight design, physical stress to operate it is minimized.

The treadling effort to operate those Loom is similar to operating a 4 shaft counterbalance loom.

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Weavebird V2, demonstration video in HD (2016)


Weaving alone on a 72" Weavebird


Customer feedback
I haven't had much time lately to weave but did finish a 24 shaft pattern table runner.  It is a little more dense than I expected (even after finishing a 24" X 12" sample).   I made it for a friend with a very large table (finished runner after two times in tumble washer and ironing 24" X 82").   I downloaded the pattern as a WIF from handweaving.net. Every project that I have tried has been a pleasure to weave on the Weavebird.


Weaving on the weavebird loom is just like riding a bicycle.

The most important advantage for Leclerc is service. A.. and L..  have recognized names
but their service is not so good. With a good product and excellent service Weavebird will
 become the leader in the large computerized market.
I purchased a Weavebird loom from you a couple of months ago.
I really do love weaving on this loom.
I am very glad that I did purchase this particular loom.
Just wanted to let you I am a very satisfied custome



Weavebird is a center closed dobby shedding mechanism.

Center closed shed

Open shed


Interface Box and connecting cables
1 Stainless Steel Reed  6, 8, 10 or 12 dents per inch
 Inserted Eye Heddles 12" or Texsolv
1 End Feed Shuttle 6122-8000
12 Pirns 6" 6133-6000
1 Reed & Heddles Hooks 10 5/8" long 6140-1000
2 Wood lease sticks
4 Warp rods
Book: "Warp & Weave"
Assembly Instruction and Video
2 Years Warranty on all parts including the Interface box and Solenoids


  27" 36" 45" 60"
Double Warp Beam


6432-3000 6432-4000 6430-6000
Bench open ends


Sectional warp beam 1" section 6441-3000 6441-4000 6441-5000 6441-6000
Sectional warp beam 2" section ------------ 6442-4000 6441-5000 6441-6000
Overhead Beater


Flying Shuttle Beater ------------ 6471-4000 6471-5000 6471-6000

"Weavebird" With the Flying Shuttle Beater