Diana Upgrade Kit
February 2009

Improve the shed selection system with a small retrofit.
The kit is free for all Diana looms bought in 2008. For older Dianas and the Voyageur 16s Dobby, the kit costs $45.00 including shipping
to US and Canada


The kit include:


Remove the trays (A) and the solenoid unit (B)
Disconnect the outside arm control loop cord
07 08
Lift and set aside the head section.
Remove the metal rod under the loop cords
and the 2 eyescrews holding it.
09 10
Reset the head section in place. Be sure the screws are properly aligned with the pre-drilled holes.
Note that the hammer slots are now fully over the knife.

Using a 7/64” drill bit, drill a hole to the front and the back board at 10” from the right castle side and at ½” from the top.

Slide the new rod under the loop cords and install the 2 brackets with 2 #8 screws and 2 washers.
Screw them in the middle of the oval hole.
Adjust the 2 brackets so the hammers are free in the back of the knife (next picture)
I recommend before locking the brackets in placethat you first test the unit to make sure the adjustment you just made is correct
So tighten the crews screw of the oval hole only for now.

Install the solenoid unit and test the loom.
You may have to remove or change the size of the spacer between the solenoid unit and the head section.
The objective is to have the hammer completely engaged when the solenoid is completely pushed

If the solenoid plunger is too close to the hammer, it will not have enough room to push all the way and will overheat.
See the video

If everything goes well, lock both brackets using the 2 screws #8 and the washers.
Again usethe 7/64 drill to make the pre-drill holes.