We recently made a significant improvement to our Weavebird Cable system and we strongly recommend all Weavebird owners to execute this upgrade.

This new cable kit will reduce, by a minimum, 50% of the effort needed to open or close the shed. Simultaneously, it will reduce the tension on all the moving parts extending the life of the loom..

An added advantage is the adjustments to the Cable tensions are easier and quicker to make and will hold indefinately..

The kit includes all the upper and lower metal cables that control the shaft frames, the newest metal cables controling the treadles and  a new very precise Spring loaded Gage to adjust the tension on the cables.

The full upgrade is simple to accomplish and can be done with or without a warp on the loom. Plan on 5 to 8 hours depending of which model you have to complete. 

For all earlier purchase dates below are the kit costs including the shipping charge to Canada and USA.

16s 36" = $420.00
16s 45" = $435.00
16s  60" = $455.00
24s 36" = $545.00
24s 45" = $560.00
24s 60" = $575.00

This is + shipping charges and taxes if any.
For those outside North America  please ask for a quotation.

To order the kit, send us an email at info@leclerclooms.com
The following information is mandatory:
How many shaft ? Weaving width? Bought when? Bought from? Serial no?

You will have to send us all the cables and weights

Download the complete instruction to install this kit to your loom. This instruction is in .pdf fromat.

Video to go with the written instruction 

Weavebird Cable kit 2009 from Leclerc Looms on Vimeo.