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A SHED REGULATOR is an attachment for counter-balanced looms such as Leclerc "Mira" or "Fanny". It allows a perfect shed on any tie-up. Specially used to regulate the height at which the shed opens for unbalanced tie-up, such as weave of one harness against three (Bronson, Waffle, Double Weave, circular weave, etc.). Once installed, it can be used for both unbalanced and balanced tie-ups. It allows the whole set of harnesses to: - raise when one harness lowers and three harnesses raise; - lower when three harnesses lower and one harness raises: - stay at the center when two harnesses lower and two harnesses raise. Once installed, It can be used for both unbalanced and balanced tie- ups.
1039-0000 36"
1040-0000 45"
1041-0000 60"

DOUBLE WARP BEAM:A useful attachment when the take-up is greater on some warp threads than on others; when using a variety of threads of different sizes and elasticity in a long warp; and for some techniques requiring two warp beams. The extra warp beam is easy to install with brackets on the back posts of the loom, and has its own brake. The beam is removable. The extra thread bean, serves to separate the warp coming from the two beams. It includes the thread beam and the brackets for mounting it.
6432-1000 Dorothy 15"
6432-1100 Dorothy 24"  
1057-0000 Compact 24"  
6432-3000 36"
6432-4000 45"
6430-6000 60"