US PRICE (.PDF files)

Shaft frames for Dorothy 15¾" and 24" looms are all metal.
Shaft frames for Compact 24" looms are maple frame with metal heddle support.
Shaft frames for all other looms are made of light wood and metal.

Heddle support SPRING HOOK NO 26-S

SHAFT.gif (22316 octets)

(#21) Shaft frame ends with heddle support spring (each) 10½"4210-1000 - 12½" 4210-1200
(#22) Spring Clip only for shaft frame end (each): 4249-0000
(#26-S) Spring hook for heddle support: 5500-0000
(#26) Flat Hook for heddle support: 4230-0000
(#27) Hook for shaft frame: 4270-0000
(#25) Shaft frame end (beige plastic) 6102-0000
Shaft Frame Divider (peg) 0342-6102
Shaft Frame Dividers (peg) set of 20 0342-6103


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