Longer Lease sticks advantage

Back to front warping is so much easier than front to back warping. 
This method does require a Raddle to spread out the warp, 
whereas the front to back method uses the reed to accomplish this before 
the threading of the heddles. One advantage of the back to front warping is, 
that the warp is only cut in one end after the warp is wound on the back beam, 
which makes it much easier to maintain an even tension when rolling the warp on. 

Every Leclerc loom comes with Lease Sticks to maintain the order of the warp 
threads created on the warping frame/mill. Traditionally the length of the Lease sticks 
corresponds to the width of the loom. I have found that using longer Lease sticks, 
which can rest on the sides of the loom and which do not have to be supported or tied up 
during the threading of the warp makes life so much easier. Give it a try and us know what you think.

Miriam Leth-Espensen