(A good project for our new Voyageur 8 shaft loom)

9809bwp.gif (52252 octets) - 9809cp.gif (44524 octets)

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Pattern Type Summer & Winter
Finished Dimensions 13¼" X 17" plus fringes
Warp Yarn Orlon Acrylic 8/2 Natural 900
Ends per inch (E.P.I.) Reed 12 dents,
2 threads per dent= 24
Width in Reed 14" (336 threads)
Weft Pattern: Bralon (4 PLY) 8/8 Red 949
Tabby: Orlon Acrylic 8/2 Natural 900
Finishing Make fringe, Helmstiching on the loom
Woven by Jeannette Hamel Bellefeuille
Ste-Sophie de Lévrard Qc.

9809d.gif (4558 octets)

9809T.gif (17385 bytes)


fin_aigm.gif (3068 octets)
At the beginning of a piece

fin_aigp.gif (2846 octets)
At the end of a Piece

For more information  on the Helmstitching, see Handwoven  September 1995 or the book
"Fininhing touches" by Virginia M. West


    Note: BRALON yarn is produce exclusively by Maurice Brassard & Fils in Plessisville Qc.
               100% Orlon Acrylic
               We have 2 diff. size: 8/8 (840 yds/lb), or 8/16 (420 yds/lb.)
                35 colors in stock plus 8 tweed colors

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