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Pattern Type Tabby
Finished Dimensions Placemat = 18" x 13" plus fringes
Coasters = 4½ x 4½"
Warp Yarn - Mercerised cotton 2/16
- Mercerised cotton boucle
Ends per inch (E.P.I.) Reed 15 dents, two threads per dent for the 2/16 cotton and one thread per dent for the bouclé (always thread the two  2/16 cotton from the same shaft on the same dent in the reed)
Width in Reed 16" (480 threads)
Weft Same as Warp but work with 2 ply
of 2/16 together.
Use one ply of boucle.
Finishing Make fringe around all pieces
Woven by Monique Deshais
Victoriaville Qc. Canada

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