Placemat for summer


Pattern Type Overshot 2 blocks in a 4s loom
Finished Dimentions

12" wide X 17¼" long plus the fringe

Warp Yarn

Orlec 8/2 (7 colours)

Ends per Inch (E.P.I.)

Reed 12 - 2 threads per dent = 24 threads per inch

Width in Reed 13" (312 threads)
Weft yarn Mercerized Cotton 8/2 Blanc P-101 (Pattern)
Orlec 8/2 (7 colours) for tabby
Picks per Inch

18 picks for the pattern + 18 for the tabby

Note Change the tabby yarn colour on every blocks
Finishing Fringe 4 threads together
Woven by

Jeannette Hamel
Sainte-Sophie de Lévrard Qc.



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