Chenille Carpet


Pattern Type Chenille in one process
Finished Dimensions 19.5" x 39"  
Warp Yarn Cotton 8/2  Beige 913  (see color chart)
Ends per inch (E.P.I.) Reed 15   2 thread per dent = 30 threads per inch
Width in Reed 22” (720 threads)
Weft Cotton Chenille (4 ply together) (1400 yds/lb.)
Picks per inch 10
Cutting the Chenille
Lay the fabric on a table. With a good pair of scissors, cut the floats. The above picture shown the cloth with one part with the floats cut and one part with the floats not cut.
Finishing Machine or Hand stitch
Woven by Denise Béland
Ste-Étienne Qc.


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