Riversible Pillowcase
Pattern Type Plain Weave and Honeycomb
Finished Dimensions 19Ż" x 32"
Warp Yarn Cotton 8/2 - Rose PÔle 1768 / Rose FoncÚ 1330 / Framboise 5193 (Color Chart)
Ends per inch (E.P.I.) Reed 10   2 threads per dent = 20 threads per inch
Width in Reed 22” (441 threads)
Weft Cotton Slub  Rose PÔle 645 (Color Chart)
Picks per inch App. 20 per inch
Note Weave 38" of plain weave and 38" of pattern. Fold in half to make a finished 32" pillowcase.
Woven by Francine Paquet (Blais)
St-Georges de Beauce Qc.


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