Placemat and table runner


Pattern Type Hucklace on an 8s loom
Finished Dimensions Placemat; 13" x 19"
Table runner; 13" x 31"
Warp Yarn

Cotton 16/2 Natural 100

Ends per inch (E.P.I.) Reed 12   2 threads per dent = 24 threads per inch
Width in Reed 14" (336 threads)

"Borgs" linen 16/1 Natural L000

Picks per inch App. 24 per inch
Finishing Machine stitch, turn ½" and hand stitch or as in the picture using the
bobbin lace technique
Note Weave 1" of plain weave at the beginning and at the end
Woven by Serge Desjardins
St-Jean Brébeuf Qc.

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