Double Face Towel


Pattern Type

Twill on 2 sides

Finished Dimensions

22" wide x 36" long.

Warp Yarn

Cotton 8/2 - Bleach 101

Ends per inch (E.P.I.)

Reed 12 - 2 threads per dent = 24 threads/inch

Width in Reed

23 Inches (552 threads)


Cotton chenille (app. 1450 yds per lb) in 4 colors (2 colors on each side)

Picks per inch

App. 11 picks of chenille on each side


Machine stitch at one inch, turn " and hand stitch.


Beacuse this pattern need 10 different treadlings, it is perfect for a table loom like the  Dorothy 24" and the new Voyageur 24".

Woven by

Francois Brassard

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