Adjusting the treadle cords without the black marks or checking if the black marks are at the right place.

Video regarding this adjustment:


2 or 3 persons are needed to make this adjustment.

Hold the left treadle app. 1" from the floor or place a block of 1" under it.

Hold the bottom arm in the close position (all the way to the nylon stopper)

Start with the left treadle down (closed shed)
Connect both cords (Red and Green) so that both arms are in the completely closed position and the treadle is approximately 1” from the floor.


While keeping the left treadle down, lift and hold the right treadle at 10" from the floor.

Connect the black and white cords while making sure that both arms are completely closed

Push down the right treadle.

Check that both arms open completely all the way to the nylon stopper.

If like in this picture the arm does not touch the nylon stopper, make the necessary adjustment in the loop cords or in the turnbuckles to have this optimum open shed.

In this picture, the black cable will have to be shoten a little.

This picture show a correct adjustment.

Now make sure the right treadle is app. 1" from the floor.
If not; change the length of the black and white cables (same correction) without changing the arms adjustment.

Now you should have both treadles at app. 1" from the floor when in down position.

Before starting weaving, make sure that all loopcords are in the groove of the pulleys.