The flying shuttle beater is made to be adapted to any LECLERC looms 45" and 60"( 115 and 150 cm) counter-balance models (as MIRA and FANNY), jack-type models (as NILUS, NILUS II, NILART and Colonial) and the new countermarch Nilus II model.
We can also make Flying Shuttle Beater for any Leclerc
90", 100" and 120".
FLY01.jpg (23459 octets)
The flying shuttle is a beater with shuttle boxes at each end. A hammer in the shuttle box, put in motion by a cord and handle, strikes the shuttle, and sends it though the shed without the weaver touching it. It is especially useful in weaving studios where long yardages are made. Time is saved in weaving wide fabrics where it is difficult to throw and catch shuttle. A special shuttle is required for this system.
36" 6471-4000
45" 6471-5000
60" 6471-6000
100" 6471-7000
120" 6471-8000
(one shuttle included in each kit)


Professionnal Shuttles for Flying Shuttle beaters

15" long x 1 5/8" deep x 1 3/8" high. They weigh  1 lbs (453g) including the pirn.

A special tension device allows the weaver to adjust the tension for each type of yarn giving a perfect selvage.

Yarn feeds through the tension device quickly
and easily.

Our new professional wood pirns are 7" long .