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WARP AND WEAVE by Robert Leclerc

Instructions for table and floor, counterbalance and jack-type looms. Gives detailed instructions for warping frame, vertical warping reel, using Sectional Warp Beam and Shed Regulator (for counterbalance looms), setting up and beaming table and floor looms, tips for inexperienced weavers, threading, reading patterns, etc
Size: 7" x 10" (18 x 25 cm) 116 pages

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I WEAVE, YOU WEAVE by Leclerc looms

Elementary Technique for two shafts weaving on a rigid heddle or lease reed. Method of preparing the thread for warping and weaving. Instructions for weaving, way of making correction of broken threads and changing color, etc... Elementary instructions for tapestry weaving. Patterns are given and illustrated. Bilingual book.
Size: 8" x 11" (22 x 28 cm) 70 pages

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Editor, Marguerite P. Davison
This ideal companion to a Handweaver's Pattern Book has a sewn binder for durability. Every draft has been made into a graph or picture showing its appearance when woven. There beautiful drawings are the work of Charles Denzler. Full direction are given for reading the draft, which are written in a clear manner after the system used by many eraly weavers.Size 8" x 11" (22 x 28 cm) 128 pages


The MASTER WEAVER LIBRARY is an encyclopedia with extensive information on techniques and fibers relating to handweaving.
Size: 6¾" x 9¾" (17 cm x 25 cm)

VOLUME 1 0692-2100 A treasury for Beginners
VOLUME 2 0692-2200 All about Looms
VOLUME 3 0692-2300 Creative Drafting and Analyses
VOLUME 4 0692-2400 Yarns and Fibers
VOLUME 5 0692-2500 Everything a weaver should know about warps and warping
VOLUME 6 0692-2600 Technology of Handweaving (equipment and its use)
VOLUME 7 0692-2700 Contemporary approach to traditional weaves:
                   Overshot and Summer and Winter
VOLUME 8 0692-2800 Contemporary Approach to Traditional Weaves: Crackle,
                    M's & O's and others
VOLUME 9 0692-2900 Fascination of Twills (fourshafts)
VOLUME 10 0692-3000 Fascination of Twills (Multishafts)
VOLUME 11 0692-3100 Traditional texture weavers and Exploring the textures
                       (Waffle, Honey comb, Half-Waffle, Crepe and variations)
VOLUME 12 0692-3200 Spot weaves, old and new (bronson, Swirel, Turned Spot                    Weaves, Spot Weaves and others)
VOLUME 13 0692-3300 Woven Lace and Lacey Weaves (Bronson Lace, Swedish                    Lace, Huckaback Lace, Cross  waves, Net Weaves, Leno, Gauze)
VOLUME 14 0692-3400 Pile Weaves, Rugs and Tapestry
VOLUME 15 0692-3500 Double Weaves
VOLUME 16 0692-3600 Little Known Weaves Worth Knowing Better
                   (Cannale, Locked Wefts, Lappet, Mock Leno, Paper Spots and others)
VOLUME 17 0692-3700 Resist Dyeing, Odd Weaves (Coded, Accidental,
                    Embroidery Weaves and other)
VOLUME 18 0692-3800 Composition and Designing - Part I
VOLUME 19 0692-3900 Composition and Designing for advanced weavers - Part II
VOLUME 20 0692-4000 More about Fabrics
VOLUME 21-22 0692-4100 Thought on the weaving Craft Weaving in the past
                    and Complete index

Pattern drafting and tie-up sheets for your weaving records. Made of heavy board to hold sample and all information about this pattern.
Perforated to fit into a loose-leaf binder. Packed in 2 dozen lots.
One dozen has sample space on top half of sheet and one dozen on lower half, so that binder will remain flat
0699-0100 for 4 shafts pattern  / 24 sheets
0699-0200 for up to 12 shafts pattern  / 24 sheets